Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A tale of three Guineas

Before having read this article, I confess to not knowing anything about any of the three African countries named Guinea. Luckily, the Lydia Polgreen was there to tell me about how the assassination of two long-feuding potentates in Guinea-Bissau has led to, as the NYT's ever-poignant last paragraph tells us:

“This was a quarrel between two big men,” he said. “Now that they are dead maybe the country finally has a chance to start fresh.”

But, the reason I felt this article was blog-worthy was because of this great paragraph half-way down the second page:

Guinea-Bissau’s neighbors say they worry that West Africa is headed for a new era of instability and conflict. Regional leaders expressed outrage at the assassinations, which seemed of a piece with the coup that followed the death of the president of neighboring Guinea. An amphibious assault on a third country, Equatorial Guinea, aimed at toppling its government, recently failed.

No Papua New Guinea, though.

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