Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mayor Palin vs. Gov. Palin

Though Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain claim to be tough opponents of pork, it seems that Mayor Palin had a much different take on the issue. During her six years as mayor of that town of 6,700 souls, Palin raked in $27 million in federal (and federal alone!) earmarks. That includes $15 million for a rail project, which would seem to go against McCain's anti-Amtrak subsidy ethos.

According to her spokeswoman, Palin's turn from bacon-lover to a pork-buster came in 2003:

Maria Comella, Palin's campaign spokeswoman, said Palin sought the Wasilla earmarks because she was "working in the best interests of Alaska, working within the confines of the current system."

Palin became a staunch reform advocate after her 2003 appointment to the state's Oil and Gas Commission. She accused another commissioner – Alaska Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich – of raising campaign contributions from industries he was regulating. "She realized that the environment around her was no longer what it once was, and elected officials were abusing their power," Comella said.

Ah, yes! Ms. Comella must have been recalling those good ol' days back between 1996 and 2003, back when politicians were honest and righteous, and nary a piece of legislative pork did pass.

A note about pork: it's basically nothing. One percent of the federal budget. So when McCain says he's gonna balance the budget by trimming the fat from it, he's lying.

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