Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Google may pull out of China?

Google's got big news about its China operations (spoiler: they might pull out!). This Slashdot user's summary is good:

Following a sophisticated attack on Google infrastructure originating from China late last year, Google has decided to take 'a new approach' to China. In their investigation, Google found that more than 20 large companies had been infiltrated and dozens of Chinese human rights activists' Gmail accounts had been compromised. Google has decided to 'review the feasibility of [its] business operations in China,' no longer censoring results in, and if necessary, to 'shut down, and potentially [Google's] offices in China.'

"Don't be evil" is pretty much the only rule of Google's code of conduct.

Update: It looks like they've already started to make good on their promise to lift the censorship of

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