Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dying on the floor of the Senate

So I know that when two old geezers almost die during an inaugural luncheon you're supposed to act solemn and respectful, but my only feeling is contempt for people who feel so entitled to their job that they remain in office so long after their health has clearly precluded them from serving effectively. Do they honestly think that they – with their seats guaranteed to their parties – are really so indispensable that some other toe-the-line Democrat couldn't do it just as well?

It's ridiculous that they're still in office, but not at all surprising. Each successive wave of Kennedys seems to feel more entitled than the last, and all the pre-death eulogies and paeans to the glory of the Kennedy dynasty aren't making Ted Kennedy's ego any smaller. And then there's Robert Byrd, former Exalted Cyclops in the Ku Klux Klan, who as late as 2001 was on Fox News talking about "white niggers."

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Anonymous said...

Oh come on. Byrd left the Klan, publically renounced them, their beliefs, and their tactics, decades ago. I mean sure, he's a statist bastard, but give the guy *some* credit. He could have just jumped to the States Rights Party (and later to the Reps) and promised to only put on the white robes when nobody was looking, like a lot of his contemporaries.
And Byrd hardly invented the "wigger." First time I heard of it was twenty five years ago, and AFAIK it was the black kids who came up with it.