Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Brit: leave an "acceptable dictator" in Afghanistan

Someone leaked a "coded" diplomatic cable to the French satirical/investigative (??) newspaper Le Canard enchaîné (whose website proudly informs would-be readers that the Canard deals only "avec du papier journal et de l'encre"), in which the British ambassador to Afghanistan says that essentially, the war is lost. He says not only do foreign troops only prolong the inevitable chaos before order emerges, but that increased military presence will have the "perverse effect" of creating more violence. In the cable, which was written by the deputy French ambassador and is a summary of what the British ambassador told him, British ambassador Sherard Cowper-Coles says the western forces should leave "an 'acceptable dictator' in charge of the country within five to 10 years," whatever that means.

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