Sunday, June 15, 2008

Conservatives come out against universal suffrage

Lately I've heard two conservatives opine on the topic of suffrage, both arguing that we ought to disenfranchise certain groups because of how they vote. The first was Ann Coulter, who in 2007 declared that disenfranchising women is "a personal fantasy of mine," because "we'd never have to worry about another Democrat president." Blogger Megan McArdle correctly stated that Coulter got away with this because she is a woman. Recently, Pajamas Media (a blogging network of diverse opinions) contributer Burt Prelutsky opined that teenagers ought to have their right to vote taken away, basically for the same reason: they vote Democratic. He can get away with this because teenagers are pretty much universally reviled, and the "get off my lawn!" faction of American politics is pretty strong (excellent perennial vote-getting strategy: say that kids these days need some sort of character-building, and then advocate some sort of civil service draft). But they're both barking up the wrong tree: black Americans are much more likely to vote Democrat than teenagers or women. But I guess that's just a little too un-PC, even for Ann Coulter.

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