Friday, March 7, 2008

Denver legalizes small amounts of weed, Denver police arrest even more people for it

Though the drug warriors could never win on rationality, they always had the "it's the law" argument. However, in 2007, the citizens of Denver tried to change that with a ballot initiative that made policing petty marijuana crimes "the city's lowest law-enforcement priority." Earlier, the city had outright repealed municipal penalties for possession of under an ounce for those over the age of 21. Though this conflicts with state law, it's a pretty obvious sign that the citizens of the the city of Denver do not agree with the prohibition of small quantities of marijuana – if the law says it's illegal, the law is clearly inflexible and anti-democratic.

Anyway, the news is that on the backdrop of all of this, the number of adults faced with misdemeanor pot charges has actually risen by 18% in 2007 as compared to 2006. The police department is flagrantly disobeying the will of its supposed bosses, and has shown themselves stubbornly resistant to even this minor retreat in the war on drugs. Just imagine the resistance someone would encounter if they had the gall to suggest legalizing all drugs!

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